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redCOMPONENT offers a dedicated support service that includes assistance with product bugs, installation problems, any issues that may arise during setup of one of our extensions, or conflicts that may arise due to a change in the integrated service APIs.

Our Pro subscription includes support as well as full access to a selection of products and features - we have assembled a package that is perfect for any project with a specific set of needs that can only be fulfilled using a broader array of extensions.

Pricing and plans

We offer three models based on your needs from basic to professional usage. Our annual plan grants you unlimited support from our dedicated team. All subscriptions are renewed automatically, and you may cancel at any time.

Single Sales

From $0
Buy what you need!

Pick whichever modules or plugins you need! Single sales items are available for immediate download up to 7 days after purchase. No dedicated support.

Support Subscription

$ 19.00 / month
$ 199.00 / year
$ 9.00 / month
Professional Support

With a support subscription, you'll have access to a dedicated, skilled support team that can help you with any problem or answer any questions you have. Services include:

-Help with implementation of our extensions

-24/7 mail support

-We will reply to any issue within 24 hours

-Project consulting

Pro Subscription

$ 39.00 / month
$ 399.00 / year
$ 19.00 / month
Support Subscription
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  • Shipping plugins8
  • redSHOP Payment gateways18
  • redFORM Payment Gateways9
  • redFORM Plugins6
  • redSHOP Plugins3
  • Modules19

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