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redCOMPONENT offers a dedicated support service that includes assistance with product bugs, installation problems, any issues that may arise during setup of one of our extensions, or conflicts that may arise due to a change in the integrated service APIs.

Our Pro subscription includes support as well as full access to a selection of products and features - we have assembled a package that is perfect for any project with a specific set of needs that can only be fulfilled using a broader array of extensions.

redCOMPONENT continues as an open source community e-commerce project on GitHub.

We have been developing successful e-commerce solutions based on Joomla! for more than a decade with a passion that has evolved to help our clients sell millions of products and reach their business goals.

Due to our onward focus on AesirX Open Source Digital Marketing Automation, we are discontinuing and sharing all repositories as Free Open Source (FOSS) projects on GitHub.

If you need hosted or managed redSHOP services or have commercial inquiries please contact R Digital.

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