An open source ecommerce solution that fits every requirement for a successful webshop. Compatible with Joomla! 3. , redSHOP has a valued and extensive catalogue of accessible features.



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The all-purpose shopping extension!

redSHOP is a webshop extension designed for use with Joomla! CMS. It is the leading ecommerce solution for creating an advanced and natively integrated webshop with a built-in template system that allows you to style your shop to your exact needs.

redSHOP has been downloaded over 750.000 times and has seen 60+ updates since its initial release in 2010. Whatever you require, we offer an advanced suite of ever-expanding tools that are useful for shop administrators and will provide better buying experiences for customers.

  • Current version

    Current version3.0.2

  • Latest released on

    Latest released on2020-03-09

  • Compatible with

    Compatible with

    • Joomla 3.9

Highlight features

  • No limitations to design and templateability.
  • Offer gift certificates and gift wrapping.
  • Show an unlimited number of products.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Add pictures in different sizes.
  • Send out newsletters and catalogues.
  • Statistics and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Multiple payment and shipping methods.
  • Create action e-mails.
  • Ready-to-use and easy-to-manage webshop.
  • C
  • redCOMPONENT continues as an open source community e-commerce project on GitHub.

    We have been developing successful e-commerce solutions based on Joomla! for more than a decade with a passion that has evolved to help our clients sell millions of products and reach their business goals.

    Due to our onward focus on AesirX Open Source Digital Marketing Automation, we are discontinuing and sharing all repositories as Free Open Source (FOSS) projects on GitHub.

    If you need hosted or managed redSHOP services or have commercial inquiries please contact R Digital.

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