redSLIDER is a unique responsive slider extension for Joomla! 3.3.x and 2.5.x


With redSLIDER you can manage galleries of slides in the component, and each slide can use an own template.

The associated module will let you show the galleries in multiple ways according to the settings you choose.

redSLIDER can be used anywhere, and will adjust in size like below demo!

redSLIDER can be extended with extension specific plugins, which will allow you to show a form or a product directly in a slide.

Learn much more on how to use redSLIDER, and see how it is easily setup and configured in our documentation wiki

You can buy redSLIDER and its plugins as Single Sale below, but as usual they are also part of the 12 Month PRO subscription.

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All add-ons are available in single sales or through one of our amazing subscriptions.


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redSLIDER redEVENT plugin

redSLIDER redEVENT plugin extend redSLIDER to let you show redEVENT events in a slide.

$ 8.00 (+VAT 2)
redSLIDER redFORM plugin

redSLIDER redFORM plugin extend redSLIDER to let you show redFORM forms in a slide.

$ 8.00 (+VAT 2)
redSLIDER redSHOP plugin

redSLIDER redSHOP plugin extend redSLIDER to let you show redSHOP products in a slide.

$ 8.00 (+VAT 2)


redSLIDER Extension Plugins collection

 You can extend your redSLIDER components functionality by adding plugins for specific extensions! Our growing collection of plugins allow you to get the exact extra Extension Plugins that you need for your site.

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redSLIDER Plugins

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