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redEVENT is a robust event management extension for Joomla 3.
With this you can manage online bookings for social events at unlimited venues.



redEVENT 3 will have standard prices of: 3 month $99, 6 month $149, and will be available in the 12 month PRO ,get everything, $299 subscription too.

I need redEVENT for

$ 99.00


All redEVENT extensions are included!

With the change from free to paid component, you now instead get all the paid extensions included in the package. redEVENT has +30 plugins and modules included.

redFORM 3 is a requirement, so this is also inside the package without extra charge.


Don’t you know what redEVENT is?

redEVENT is a robust event management extension for Joomla 3 - The powerful Open Source CMS with more than 60 million downloads.
You can learn more about redEVENT and how to use it in our support documentation for redEVENT


redEVENT supported languages

Note: All our core components comes with English (en-GB), and can be translated into any language. Language packs will be available in the Add-On section for each individual extension. If your language isn´t supported yet, then you can help. Have a look at the Translations menu at right.

redEVENT Key Features

  • Unlimited amount of events and categories
  • Multiple sessions in one event
  • Payment integration through redFORM, Paypal and Epay
  • Keep track on old events
  • Add groups to manage user control and access levels
  • Search for events
  • JomSocial integration (see what events you are signed up for)
  • Make events active again
  • Edit events using WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Add venue of all your events