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Our Hosting partners deliver hosting service integrated with Joomla!
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This list is for our Hosting Partners, who deliver hosting service integrated with Joomla. They take care of that websites functions in the right way online and that the occurrence of problems are dealt with in a fast and efficient way. As our Hosting Partner you will be highlighted with a large version of your logo and four lines about your company profile below. Find out how to become our Hosting Partner.


  • The International version of redHOST.
  • Get your Joomla page hosted by a hosting company, that offers fully optimized Joomla hosting.
  • Fast servers, daily backup, great support.
  • Use iRedHOST if you want to spoil your Joomla site.

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  • Danish Joomla webhosting, owned and controlled by the same people as
  • Daily backup, free recovery, great support, it is some of the primary reasons for choosing redHOST.
  • Specialized in Joomla hosting - servers and setup that is fully optimized for the system.

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