redPRODUCTFINDER adds an extra dimension to finding products in your redSHOP.

It allows you to build your own virtual search engine for your products, making it easier for customers to locate their products of interest. Install this component and in seconds you are on your way to creating your own front-end search engine based on virtual search types and tags you associate to your articles.


redPRODUCTFINDER - Features List

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redPRODUCTFINDER has a lot of advanced features. Here are listed a selected number of features, which are relevant for most websites. You can also discover the full feature list, if you want to know everything about what redSHOP can do for your webshop.


Build a customized product filtering system
  • Get overview of and statistics of types, tags and associations
  • Have different search forms for different products
  • Style each search form using CSS hooks
  • Enable tag selection dependencies on an individual form basis
  • Create an unlimited number of search criteria types
  • Group keyword tags within each type
  • Choose between three criteria selection methods:
  •  - single selection (dropdown)
  •  - multiple selection (checkbox)
  •  - date range (date picker)
  • Assign keyword tags to redSHOP products
  • Assign keyword tags from with redSHOP or redPRODUCTFINDER
  • Define additional keyword tag aliases
  • Define additional product keyword aliases

Create and store custom tag combinations as additional filters

Filter display modules
  • redPRODUCTFINDER module displays only the filters relative to selected ones
  • redPRODUCTFILTER module shows number of products for each filter
  • Similar to NewEgg / Amazon display modules
  • Works with Joomla breadcrumbs
  • Supports SEF