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redEVENT is a robust event management extension for Joomla 3.
With this you can manage online bookings for social events at unlimited venues.



redEVENT - Features List

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redEVENT has a lot of advanced features. Here are listed a selected number of features, which are relevant for most websites. You can also discover the full feature list, if you want to know everything about what redSHOP can do for your webshop.


Powerful Event Management
  • Add and modify events from front and back end
  • Upload event logos, flyers and other images and media
  • Add event descriptions and codes
  • Have multiple sessions going for each event
  • Run different sessions of each event at different venues
  • Define starting and ending times for each session
  • Have recurring sessions once a day, week, month or year
  • Assign roles to event co-ordinators and staff
  • Social media, share events on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter
  • Auto-archive or delete past events
  • Advanced event filtering options, including by event, category, venue, city and date
  • Offer iCal and RSSCal export facilities to save calendar events
  • Integration with JComment and JomComment extensions
Flexible Venue Management
  • Add and edit venues from the front and back end
  • Upload venue photos, brochures and other files
  • Organize venues into venue categories
  • Insert address details and add map link on front end
  • Make private venues, where only those in the allowed access group may register
  • Interactive and draggable map to fine tune address selection
  • Create venues on-the-fly during event creation
  • Search venues by title or city
Enhanced Event Navigation
  • Group events into categories
  • Group venues into venue categories
  • Define user group and access levels to both types of categories
  • Define categories to which events can be submitted
  • Define marker color for all events within a category when displayed on the map
Registration and Ticketing
  • Built-in event registration
  • Enable registration per event, and allow de-registration
  • Option to auto-generate Joomla user account upon registration
  • Define maximum number of sign-ups per person
  • Display attendees on front-end
  • Integration with redFORM to accept online registrations
  • Process five kinds of registration: phone, email, formal, webform and external link
  • Display external registration links per event
  • Define maximum number of attendees per session
  • Enable waiting list and define number of people on waiting list
  • Enable email activation
  • Define event prices and offer different prices to price groups
  • Accept registration fees via redFORM integration
  • Define value of event credit
  • Define date and time of end of session registration
  • Set number of days before unconfirmed registrations become free
  • Send out automated reminders
  • Segmented price groups
Event Registration Access Controls
  • Import usergroups from JomSocial and redMEMBER
  • Import and synchronize data for members in each usergroup
  • Assign group administrators
  • Define editing and publishing permissions for each group member
  • Edit own / group events and venues
  • Define which group members receive registrations
  • Define areas of maintenance for each group: categories, venues, venue categories
Powerful Template Engine
  • Modify email and page display templates with tag system
  • Create custom fields (8 types) for events and sessions
  • Define custom fields as searchable and editable from front-end
  • Create custom text library tag replacements
  • Customize notification, confirmation and waiting list emails
  • Customize payment processing and confirmation messages
  • Preset tags available for General, venue, registration and payment templates
  • Multiple layouts available (25 menu items)
  • redFORM, redMEMBER, JomSocial
  • Acyba, Acymailing, CCNewsletter, PHPList
  • iCal, RSSCal
  • JomComment, JComment
  • Google Maps
  • Xmap
  • Control attachment types, size and folder location
  • redEVENT logs
  • Edit CSS directly from main menu
  • Included maintenance tools, such as cleanup, autoarchive and repair
  • Import from and export data to CSV