redFORM 2.5 changelog




 / fixed simplemath captcha plugin when loading multiple forms on same page
 / minor html fix
 / removed br in multiple signup navigation, replaced by div and ul/li


/ translations update
 + implemented batch section for fields copy
 / uses loader instead of addincludepath to prevent conflict when including tables
 / updated redform content plugin
 + remember posted data when displaying form again after failed check (eg captcha)
 / fixed phplist path bug
 / added unit test structure
 / translations
 + add form class classname to form tag


/ fixed missing value price on fresh install
 / uninstall script
 / fixed options reordering


/ fixed selector for price check
 (hidden) + adding hidden field type for forms
 / limit multiple submission in one time at 30. Of course, user can then display again the registration page if the global maximum number of submission is higher
 / fixed js error
 / translations


+ added simple math recaptcha
 / fixed multiple form javascript
 / paypal plugin fix. now requires curl
 / fixed log class for 2.5
 / replaced  with
 / fixed tags replace in notification test
 / fixed missing price in values table on fresh install


/ conditional recipients with strings
 / installer fix for content plugin
 / lang
 / french and german
 / fixed error in submitter edit js
 / de and sv lang
 / fixed a warning
 / install script
 / fixed icons


/ new layout for languages
 + language packs
 / lang update
 + created language packs
 / language update
 / replaced acajoom plugin with jnews plugin
 / fixed email aliasing
 / replace jquery with mootools only


/ fixed bad function call to getsubmitteremail
 / use secondary emails for payment notifications too


+ conditional recipients
 / lang
 / fixed form access
 added id=adminform to backend forms for javascript


+ added quickpay
 / added sys files for plugins
 inlcude language file in redformcore contructor
 moved language files to new location for 1.7
 mostly language strings issue with quotes


redFORM  is licensed under GPL v.2.


The extension is not garanteed to work under lesser vsioners of PHP then PHP 5.


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