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06 Aug

redEVENT 3 released

It has arrived!

Thursday, 06 August 2015, 11:40

The very popular redEVENT is finally available for Joomla 3

redevent3 766x355 01

We are very pleased to announce the immediate release of redEVENT 3 for Joomla! 3

So many of our nice customers have asked for when it would be ready, and we are happy that it now is ready for download.

The redEVENT component will follow same path as our other main components and change from free to paid in this new version.

Having paid products will allow us to dedicate more development time to each extension, which will make them even better with more solid features.

What is inside the redEVENT package?:

  • redEVENT 3 component
  • 22 redEVENT plugins (all formerly sold as single sale each at value $24 )
  • 11 redEVENT modules (all formerly sold as single sale each at value $24 )
  • redFORM 3 component. This is required because it integrates with redEVENT. (value $49 )

More info on redEVENT:

Our support team have created a new documentation for redEVENT 3

Learn more and buy the product at the redEVENT product page

Get everything in 12 month Pro subscription with Event discount code:

It is a great event for us to have released redEVENT for Joomla 3.4.x
Therefore we created a special discount code valid only for the next 14 days.

Code: EVENT3

Use the code above when buying a 12 month Pro subscription and you will get a 34% discount.
This give access to everything in our site, from redSHOP 1.5 to the Template club Quickstart packages, and obviously also to redEVENT.