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05 Aug

redSLIDER 2.0.27 released

Maintenance release

Wednesday, 05 August 2015, 12:50

Improved integration with redFORM, redEVENT and redSHOP

Today we released redSLIDER 2.0.27 which is a maintenance release providing some general fixes and added improved integration with redFORM, redEVENT and redSHOP.

You can see the extension in action at the redSLIDER product page within the page as well as in many of our template demos found at

Fixes made since the latest 2.0.23 release:

  • Improve integration with redEVENT and redFORM components
  • Fixed integration with redEVENT
  • Improved integration with redSHOP
  • RSLIDER-135 #comment Update integration with article
  • RSLIDER-135 #comment Update css to fix text blink on slide transition
  • remove some redundant lines in redshop plugin
  • RSLIDER-137 #comment fixed: thumbnail missing when no background selected