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07 May

redFORM 3 released!

The awaited redFORM 3 for Joomla! 3

Thursday, 07 May 2015, 12:50

First release of redFORM 3

redFORM 766x355 02

We are pleased to announce the release of redFORM 3!

The popular redFORM forms extension for Joomla! has finally made it for public release. It has been rebuilt using our redCORE engine and improved visually and technically.

You will see that fields now has been set free and can be re-used for several forms, making it even easier for you to create and maintain your forms.

Component and 15 plugins:

The main component is followed by a fresh release of 15 plugins for redFORM 3, of which some are new and some are updated to work with the latest component release.

New plugins added for the redFORM 3 release are:

  • Stripe payment integration
  • Iridium payment integration
  • Pagseguro payment integration
  • jNews newsletter integration
  • Hiddencaptcha
  • The 10 other plugins have all had their downloads updated for this release too.

Visit the product page for a full overview of available redFORM plugins

Documentation pages for redFORM updated:

We did an update of the older joomla 1.5 screenshots and texts.

You can find an introduction to redFORM with screenshots here