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24 Jun

jUpgradePRO 3.1.0 Released

Stability Release 3.1.0

Monday, 24 June 2013, 01:00

An improved version of jUpgradePRO with fixes for reported issues.

Today we are pleased to release jUpgradePRO 3.1.0

This release mainly is a stability release that is providing fixed for reported issues.

Our lead developer of jUpgradePRO, Matias, is continuously improving the migration tool and taking notes of any reported issues from our users. He also is developing more extension plugins, to provide an easier way for migrating third party extensions.

Next extension plugin in development is Virtuemart to redSHOP plugin, which is to be released in the coming weeks.

Changelog for the 3.1.0 released can be viewed directly at github here: