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06 Mar

redMEMBER 1.1.0 released

Help us test this beta!

Wednesday, 06 March 2013, 10:47

Rewritten version that need your eyes and feedback

redmember news

Today we have added the latest build of our powerful redMEMBER component to the downloads.

This is a total rewritten and refactored version, and we decided we would like your feedback to help bring it the last steps into a final release.

The core component has been rewritten and optimized, and will take better advantage of the joomla 2.5 core ACL, and will have an improved featureset than the former release had.

It is still in beta stage, and some areas are not fully completed, and there is also a series of plugins and modules currently being rewritten. Overall, it is still a rather stable beta release, and we hope you have a little time to share to help make it even better.

Have a look in the sticky forum thread, where the lead developer Bojan will listen carefully to any feedback you provide. Thanks!

You can find the forum sticky here: Beta test - redMEMBER 1.1.0

The component can be downloaded from the redMEMBER product page