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30 Jan

redSHOP 1.1.20 released

New features, new and updated plugins

Wednesday, 30 January 2013, 12:27

New redSHOP 1.1.20 released today.

The release include several new features added, 70 bugs fixed, 16 new plugins, 27 updated plugins and 100+ tags that are new or updated since last release.

New features:

- Search in custom fields value in joomla search feature
- Order subtotal on coupon
- New API pacsoft integration
- Coupon re-use : Now user can use partially amount from total coupon amount.
- Add discount to specific usergroups and cateogories.
- New config option: width and height of ajax boxes upon add to cart.
- new config option - "send mail to customer" for order status.
- Notify product back in stock :- new tag {stock_notify_flag} introduced for product template.

Overview of files in this release: (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW) (NEW)


Changelog of fixes can be found in the submenu at redSHOP product page