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24 Dec

Joining the redTEAM

new Community Manager

Monday, 24 December 2012, 02:00

Ole Bang Ottosen new redCOMPONENT Community Manager

On this day of Christmas I am sitting here with a special feeling. Not just the usual excitement of a day of celebration and family gathering. This year it has an extra dimension for me personally. From today I am officially a full member of the redWEB and redCOMPONENT family.

ole ottosen cmanagerFor a joomla devoted geek, this is huge! To be invited inside this joomla company, and to be able to focus full time on working with the many great team members and the overwhelming number of customers and users, is a gift to me.

Ronni convinced me to go full time, and to extend my current responsibilities of handling Translation matters to also include Release Management and Community Management. In this new position as redCOMPONENT Community Manager, I will do my utmost to meet the expectations of our valuable customers and users. I am thrilled to be able to bring on board the many lessons I have learned in various Leadership positions at the Joomla project, and to let those experiences come into practice in the leading Joomla company.

There will be many tasks to handle, but I think one of the finest will be to help teaching you all how to fish. One of my goals for this position will be to make more of the knowledge of our talented team members, to become your knowledge. The better and more power users we get, the better products we will end up with.

Now I look forward to devoting my time to these new tasks, in the new year that is on our doorstep and I look forward to working with you all.

Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays.
Ole Bang Ottosen - redCOMPONENT Community Manager