redSHOP is the leading webshop solution for Joomla. You get an advanced and fully integrated native webshop, with a built-in template system allowing you to style your shop to your exact needs. A feature rich and powerful shop.


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3D Product Carousel

The 3D Product Carousel Module for redSHOP give you option to add an eye-catching feauture for presenting your products to your redSHOP customers.

$ 24.00 (+VAT 6)
Account Login module

The Account Login Module for redSHOP let you add account login feature to your redSHOP.

$ 24.00 (+VAT 6)
Category Featured Product Scroller

The Category Featured Product Scroller Module for redSHOP give you option to show your featured redSHOP products in a scrolling mode.

$ 24.00 (+VAT 6)
Category Listing Module

The Category Listing Module for redSHOP give you option to list categories.

$ 24.00 (+VAT 6)
Currency selector module

The Currency Selector Module for redSHOP give you option to show a Currency Selector at your redSHOP.

$ 24.00 (+VAT 6)
Customers Who Bought module

The Customer Who Bought Module for redSHOP provide you with a nice feature to show who bought info to your the customers of your shop.

$ 24.00 (+VAT 6)


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 You can extend your redSHOP components functionality by adding modules with new features! Our growing collection of modules allow you to get the exact extra feature that you need for your site.

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