redEVENT is a powerful event system for Joomla 2.5.
With this you can manage online bookings for social events at unlimited venues.



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redEVENT is an advanced event solution for Joomla - The powerful Open Source CMS with more than 30 million downloads.


redEVENT supported languages

Note: All our core components comes with English (en-GB), and can be translated into any language. Language packs will be available in the Add-On section for each individual extension. If your language isn´t supported yet, then you can help. Have a look at the Translations menu at right.

Full language packs - English, Danish, German, Dutch, Swedish
Incomplete translations - Italian, French, Slovenian, Polish, Greek, Finnish

redEVENT Key Features

  • Unlimited amount of events and categories
  • Multiple sessions in one event
  • Payment integration through redFORM, Paypal and Epay
  • Keep track on old events
  • Add groups to manage user control and access levels
  • Search for events
  • JomSocial integration (see what events you are signed up for)
  • Make events active again
  • Edit events using WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Add venue of all your events