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redCARPENTER Joomla Template preview

During this summer our Template Club releases been on hold, so it is now with great pleasure we are able to give a preview of the planned September template release.

The new template, named redCARPENTER, has a styling that makes it great for building, construction and carpentry sites.

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redVALENTINE joomla template from redCOMPONENT


Here at Valentine´s Day we would like to allow our beloved customers a sneak peek of our upcoming new template redVALENTINE.

We expect you all to be busy sharing hugs and hearts with your loved ones today, so the actual release of the template will be early next week.

There is more exciting news...

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On the 12th of July 33 members of the redCOMPONENT team contributed more than 200 hours to the Joomla Pizza Bugs and Fun, together with thousands of volunteers (see http://redcomponent.com/blog/entry/redcomponent-contributing-to-the-joomla-project).

The event was very successful for the Joomla project: the participation almost tripled the usual rate of contributions to our beloved Content Management System.


During the event many pizzas were eaten, thousands of bugfixes were contributed and tested, and dozens of pages of the Joomla! documentation wiki were improved.

We have interviewed some members of our team to learn more about their experience:

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We are pleased to announce that next Friday, July 12th, the entire team of redCOMPONENT will be participating in the Pizza Bugs and Fun event organized by the Joomla project.

As one of the biggest Joomla consultancy firms worldwide we will be contributing to the project in the "EPIC category" with more than a hundred hours devoted by our team of experts.

The Pizza Bugs and Fun event consist in fixing as many Joomla identified bugs as possible. Businesses and individuals will dedicate a entire day to identify bug, provide patches and test the fixes.

In redCOMPONENT we love Joomla and we are 100% committed to make the Joomla the best CMS in the world. Therefore, this will be the third time where redCOMPONENT devote a full Friday of it's entire staff to contribute to the project.

We wish much success to all participants at Pizza Bugs and Fun.

Find out more at: http://developer.joomla.org/pbf.

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Here at the redCOMPONENT.com team we are blessed by being surrounded by web talents covering all possible areas of expertise in our line of business. We all appreciate this, because it is always possible to ask someone who just know a solution to your question.

We wont keep it to ourselves though. As a large scale joomla solution provider, consultancy business and extension creator, we live in symbiosis with joomla, its community and we try our best to give our share to keep the ecosystem healthy.

Therefore we decided to start sharing more of our knowledge. So this means: Welcome to our new blog!

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